A Brassens Project

I had the great chance to work with the “Talking Drum” Legend from Nigeria, Kofo The Wonderman.

Combining the best of two worlds, I’m thinking of a compilation of covers by the legendary singer-songwriter Georges Brassens. How could I use Kofo’s Talking Drums to present Brassens’s message to the world?

The challenge is interesting. First of all, Kofo and his Talking Drum don’t come alone. In order to set up his rhythmic grid, he needs 2 omele drums (small hand drums) , and also, if possible, a conga player.

Also, the rhythms of the songs will have to be arranged in a way that he can relate to them.

In our last record, we had a bonus title, “Chanson Pour L’Auvergnat”, one of Brassens’s most famous song. Kofo appears on it. but does not have a central role. More so on another track of that album, “Darwin”. He introduces the song with a strong rhythm motif, and then interacts freely with Irène, for the first two verses of the song.

Francis Jacob: World Jazz Guitarist, Composer, Producer. Studio Margarita, NYC